Tuesday, November 15, 2005

On Good Press and Good Times

Okay, time for a little truth: Occasionally here at Chat with R&R you'll see us touting say, a book, that it's clear neither Renee nor I have read. And occasionally we'll give props to someone we don't really believe deserves them because what they've done is either fantastically silly, brazenly incompetent or potentially heroic (but most likely something that results in spectacular failure...), see, cause that's what you call "ironic" -- like complimenting Alannis Morissette for her command of vocabulary when it's so clear she wouldn't know if something were "ironic" if it smacked her across the... But I digress (as we're also want to do here.)

But what I want to do today, dear reader, is something slightly different. I want to talk about some genuinely happy occurrences and point you to some things I really think you will like because not only were they written by my friends and/or feature Renee and me, but because I think you'll appreciate them, too.

So first, you must must must check out this week's New York magazine. Not just because it's the Sex Issue. But because our great good friends Em & Lo have written the cover story. Also featured prominently in a different story in the mag is another friend, Rachel Kramer Bussel, who, in addition to having celebrated a big fabulous birthday on Nov. 10th, just wrote an excellent article on Media Bistro featuring Renee and me! And just last week, McSweeneys published another piece by our very sexy friend, Jay Dyckman, who wasn't in the sex issue, but probably because he was too busy getting busy to stop for the photoshoot.

Speaking of birthdays, though, yet another friend, Jordan Roth celebrated his big day with his partner Richie Jackson (also having a birthday) at a very cool party this weekend where I found myself seated next to the irrepressible Judith Light! Yes, Angela Bower from TV's "Who's the Boss?" and late of Pro-Activ commercials. She didn't say one word to me all dinner, but I sensed she wanted to...

Finally, I suppose I should admit it's my birthday today, too. And I must confess, being 23 has never felt better! Oops, the genuine sentiment appears to have just left the building... so I'll sign off now and assume you're sending me unironic wishes for a happy beeday and a birthday check made payable to cash.

From the Washington Post:
TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (November 15). You have natural optimism this year and enjoy the simplest of tasks like anticipating that something wonderful will happen -- and so, it does. Singles meet love in the next 10 weeks. Couples renew their interest in one another in a big way with minor effort. By March, more money is coming in. Love signs are Gemini and Pisces. Your lucky numbers are: 40, 1, 38, 39 and 20.


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Blogger Robin said...

ohmigod, that means so much to me! thanks for your good wishes!!! you have a happy birthday, too.

November 15, 2005 10:54 AM  
Blogger felicia said...

hey doll!
i thought your bday was on FRIDAY! This ruins my secret covert operation to send you a bday card. Now I'm all LATE :)
xo, felicia

November 15, 2005 12:45 PM  
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