Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sunless Tanning Debacle

Okay, originally I was going to write about the PEN festival lecture I attended last night. International writers talking about cultural appropriation versus assimilation, very heady, passionate stuff. Can a male writer write from a woman's point of view, should a white person be allowed to write as a black person? But truthfully right now I more interested in discussing the color of my own face.

You see I had a bit of a run in with some self-tanning cream last night. And unfortunately, far from turning this Casper-white girl into a bronzed goddess, it basically makes me look like I've rubbed my face in dirt. Very glamorous. Of course the worst part is, I have the feeling that if I just apply a little more, somehow I'll even out the whole look... so if you happen to see me at some point this week and I'm 12 shades darker than usual (which would make me beige), know that I'm well aware of the problem, and that it's not a result of too much brown liquor.


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