Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Time Warner Center, Here We Come!

Borders in the sexy Time Warner Center is the place to be tonight, friends. Yes, that's where Robin and Renee will be giving their third consecutive reading at 7 p.m.! Hard to know what to expect from the dynamic duo this evening, so we advise arriving early (2 minutes should do it) and wearing a superhero costume.

We had a great deal of fun reading at the B&N on Court Street last night, and props to Matt, the book store's events coordinator, for so effectively coordinating our triumph in Brooklyn. He managed to keep the excited throng at bay, and we were able to slip in and out of the store without being hounded too severely by the press.

In the Q&A portion of the night, we were asked a variety of interesting q's, including one from a very hot male in the audience who asked if we could explain what an A-Line skirt was. Renee gave a masterful explanation, revealing that it's a slim skirt that resembles an A, small at the waist and belling out ever-so-attractively at the bottom. See that? Not just pretty faces are we! We knows our shit.

The reading concluded with me taking some pictures of our very pretty crowd (clearly we have the best looking fans of any writing tag-team). But unfortunately I snapped the images with my phone camera and I have no idea how to transfer them anywhere else (yes, I'm just that old.) So if you're curious to see the pics, I'll be happy to show you my phone.

Okay, so remember 7 p.m. tonight at the Borders in the Time Warner Center. See you there!


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