Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jenna and Barbara's Decision Making Process

Barbara: Hey, Jenna.
Jenna: Hi... twin.
Barbara: It's Barbara. My name is Barbara.
Jenna: Really? Hey, isn't that also the name of our...
Barbara: Our grandmother. Yes, it's also the name of our grandmother.
Jenna: She's the one with the white hair and mannish physique, right?
Barbara: Well that certainly ain't Grandpa.
Jenna: Okay, cool, that's what I thought. So, what's up? And don't say "my dinner from last night" because, dude, that was a boot and rally of epic proportion! Can I get an amen?!... Wait, they do have God down here, right?
Barbara: Jenna, listen. I'm, like, really starting to think we should leave Argentina and go back home.
Jenna: Whaaaaat? Whyyyy???
Barbara: Well okay, first off, someone stole my purse and my cell phone.
Jenna: Uhm, Barbara, I think what you meant to say was, "I left my purse and cell phone in a cab when I was so wasted I couldn't see straight or stand upright."
Barbara: No, Jenna, that was you.
Jenna: Whateverrr! Besides, the secret service is here to protect us.
Barbara: Yeah, but my bag got stolen when they were with us.
Jenna: Hahahahaha! Seriously? That is soooo fucked up! But then again, so was Brian.
Barbara: Brian? Who's Brian?
Jenna: He's the agent Daddy tapped from his frat to watch over us. Our families have known one another since, like, the Mayflower. He is sooo cool.
Barbara: Really? What was he doing before he was appointed for this job?
Jenna: After he flunked out of UT, he ran the stables on our ranch.
Barbara: So does that make him qualified?
Jenna: What's with the third degree, Senorita Buzz Kill? We're here to celebrate our 25th birthday, baby. Whooo!
Barbara: Well yeah, I know, but doesn't it bother you that we've been asked to leave the country by the U.S. Embassy?
Jenna: Dude, I thought you were supposed to be the smart one -- do you not read Fox News? They work for us!
Barbara: Well I know that. But I would, like, feel kind of bad if we caused an international incident or something. I mean Daddy's been having a tough time as it is recently.
Jenna: Uh, no he hasn't. And seriously, Barbara, you'd know that if you'd paid more attention to Fox News. Anyway, come on, we have tangerine lessons in an hour, and I need to find my dancing shoes.
Barbara: I don't know, I really think we should go home.
Jenna: Well then maybe you should go. But I'm going to stay. I mean now that I'm 25 I realize that someone needs to be a role model to the girls down here, and I'm sorry, but Madonna is just too old to do that now.
Barbara: That is really mature of you.
Jenna: I know. I just want to make Daddy as proud of me as the world is of him!


Anonymous thatguy said...

Genius. Thank you for making me laugh on an otherwise craptastic day.

November 28, 2006 12:08 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

Thanks, thatguy, and happy to help a fellow traveler through the craptasticum anytime!

November 29, 2006 9:28 AM  
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