Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tonight at Makor!

Staging their last New York City appearance (for now...) the Assets Girls will be appearing at Makor, the very cool satellite of the 92nd St. Y, with Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio, co-founders of YC Media, a boutique public relations and marketing firm, and co-authors of Girl’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business.

The title of our reading and talk is: How to Succeed in Business as a Woman Comic Superhero, which could, at first, seem like a bit of a head scratcher. Clearly the other authors will be addressing the "how to succeed in business part," that's not the mystery. What may be confusing to those of you who know us--or think you know us--is that you've never regarded us as Women Comic Superheroes before, and you may be saying, "Self, how are Robin and Renee going to get out of this pickle?"

Well, kids, on the eve of Renee's birthday (okay, it's not quite the eve, that would be this Saturday night, but you get the idea), I think it's time her secret is revealed: Renee is, in fact, a superhero. Shocking but true. I'd begun to suspect things in college when she'd get ridiculously good grades, had a firm grasp on Hegel and could whip up a lemon dijon vinagrette in the school cafeteria without breaking into a sweat.

So what are her other powers? What is her superhero moniker? Who designed her costume? I know you're all curious, and that's why you have to come to Makor tonight at 7:30. (Click on the Makor hyperlink above to make a reservation.) Let's just say the woman is ready to dish, and trust me, a delish dish it will be!

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