Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How Low Can He Go?

It's not just me: seems a big, giant majority of the country is now hatin' on the president. And while it's somewhat gratifying to know that even the nincompoops who put him in office are finally experiencing sickeningly sour feelings of remorse and regret, the "holy crap, how'd I wind up here?" hangover--you know, the one that makes you swear you'll finally stop mixing copious amounts of alcohol and OxyContin for good, or, at least until next time--I find it still somewhat of hollow "told ya so" victory.

Really, how can I take pleasure in the fact that now 61% of Americans think going to war in Iraq was a BAD FUCKING IDEA? And there's no joy in knowing that 2/3 of the country has "little to no confidence" that Bush can successfully end it. Regardless of his staff "shake up"--you know the shake up, the one in which Bush loyalists were replaced by Bush loyalists (who else kept getting the shark tooth visual?)--we Americans are now questioning the way he's handled the issues at the top of his agenda. A mere 13% approve of Bush's handling of rising gasoline prices. About 25% said they think he's doing a fine job on the suject of immigration. Know what that means? It means 87% think he handled the gas hike poorly and 75% think he ain't got a clue on the way to deal with immigrants.

But since I can't/don't want to gloat about this, I've kinda been feeling at a loss for how to channel my rage properly at this point. Fortunately, a really cool woman I work with sent me this link to an online videogame she worked on. (Gina Zdanowicz did all the sound and music for it.) It's a game I believe most good lefties seeking (harmless) vengeance will be able to take pleasure in.

Check it out: Capital Collision


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention Stephen Colbert's mocking and true to a fault roast of our beleaguered president.

May 12, 2006 12:00 AM  

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