Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ready For Their Close Ups?

I'm beginning to think twins are no longer just the provenance of Doublemint commercials, Devito/Schwarzenegger films and all the Grups in my neighborhood. Check out the folks in these photos (at least 1/2 the pair was seen in the yesterday's NYTimes) and tell me they haven't been separated at birth:

On the left h'oil heir Brandon Davis, the lovely young gentleman who, to curry favor with a certain classy dame named Paris, besmirched La Lohan by calling her a "firecrotch." On the right, actor Charles Laughton, in "The Sign of the Cross" playing Nero, the man who fiddled as Rome burned.

On the left, we find Reverend Jerry Falwell .(And if we may--a moment of self-congratulation here--we're certain to be the FIRST to have ever written that sentence!) On the right, Deputy Dawg, the bloated cartoon figure who believes he represents the will of the people and can thereby interpret the law.

On the left, actor Ron Perlman in "Desperation," on the right, actor Ted Danson in Hollywood. Same same.

What seems most amazing is that not only do these people physically resemble one another, each also appears to have a deeper connection to his doppelganger.

Am I implying that rich trash is emblematic/a cause of the fall of an empire? Am I suggesting that exhuming old stars and placing them in sitcom retreads is a desperate act among the Networkeratti? Do I mean to intone that Jerry Falwell is no more credible than a caricature? Well, regardless of what John McCain now wants us to believe, perhaps it is best to let these disturbing images speak for themselves.

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