Monday, February 06, 2006

Make Grandpa Stop Dancing!

Forgive possible typos in this post, but after watching Grampy Jagger prancing around the football field last night during half-time show of the Commercial Bowl, I plucked the eyes straight out of my head with the business end of a Spray Cheez can.

I couldn't help wondering as I watched these ridiculously skinny old men playing their guitars if it was some sort of Diet Pepsi spoof ad. Like that one when the delivery of Diet Pepsi went to the nursing home and the old folks went wild, and the Diet Coke went to Spring Breakers who started playing bingo.

Though AARP-member Mick didn't look all that horrid facially (kudos to you, Dr. 90210, ace needle work!) I thought the poor old man was going to need an oxygen tent by the end of the first song. Or if not oxygen, something to stop the seizure that animated those little pixie stick legs. I mean who knew the chicken dance was a product of the Sixties?

Fortunately since I've recently gotten a DVR, I had the pleasure of fast forwarding through the useless crap surrounding the commercials and half-time show, and was able to dispatch with the whole production pretty rapidly. My favorite part of the game was the first FedEx commercial with the cave men (best line: "Not My Problem"). Another commercial that made me laugh was... huh, that's funny, I don't remember what it was advertising, but it was a football game between friends in which a girl is saying "throw the ball to me, I'll be open," and after she catches it, the guy on the opposing team body slams her. I guess Super Bowl Sunday really is a day for violence against women! I also greatly approved of the great sheep streaking beer commercial (Miller? Bud Light? Busch? Who knows?) that seemed slightly pornographic. But interestingly, there didn't seem to be too many gratuitously sexy commercials beyond that, and I wonder if we have our Concerned Families to thank for that?

Curious to hear your favorite commercials... or would be even more interested to hear thoughts on what went on in the meeting where the idea of the Very Geriatric Super Bowl Show was pitched...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! Mick was ridiculous avoiding contact with the crowd, as if anyone in their right mind would pull him into the pit or the other side of the lip stage.

February 06, 2006 3:47 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

So true! (and a big HELLO, the noon!)

I guess they were worried that his brittle bones would snap if someone even looked at him the wrong way.

February 07, 2006 9:52 AM  

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