Monday, January 30, 2006

René Risqué C'est Moi

On Thursday night, Renée and I attended one of the best concerts I've seen since Paul Young played the Mann Music Center in 1986. Granted this isn't saying a great deal, but the show we attended Thursday at the Bowery Ballroom was sublime. You see we had the rare and wonderful opportunity to catch René Risqué & the Art Lovers before the fabulously and famously artsy band implodes, like the true stars that they are. Or before members wind up incarcerated in a Turkish prison on coke trafficking charges.

Comprised of members René, Luffa, Dryden, Johnny and Dolce--stage names all, lest the reality of "real names" drag them down--this hilariously talented group of raging ids/sex machine musicians, crooned about drug-addled dementia, dissolute behaviors and all around illicit acivity that makes you realize how much more louche and libertine the rock star lifestyle is. And how much better it is than yours.

Deciding that naming myself fan club president would only earn their Euro scorn, after the concert I went to their website and immediately ordered their CD instead. You should check it out, but only if you want to be cool. When you click on the music link, you can hear 4 of their songs including "Not a Top, I'm a Bottom" and "Hotel Paramount," whose lyrics, I quickly transcribe for you here (with a verse or two missing since my typing is good, but not scary good:

At the bar of the Hotel Paramount
no one seemed to mind,
I had about twenty too many cocktails,
and I was nearly blind,
least of all you...
On business in New York from LA
Looking for a mu-tually convenient cheap lay.

The morning room service girl seemed ready to go
So I started my day with a mini-bar sherry and a nose full of blow,
It was goodbye to you.
Lying there unconscious and sastified.
Keep thinking about the new things we tried.

All the way,
is never enough
Too far, is when you start getting to the good stuff.

(Luffa) At the bar of the Hotel Paramount
What should I find?
We had about 20 too many cocktails
but I didn't mind...

How easily you gave the slip to me...

All the way,
is never enough
Too far, is when you start getting to the good stuff.

If you were to fashion a statue of me.
How sexy would it be
to have me standing there?

In your mouth (In my mouth)
In your eyes
In your, you know
it's not life without ....
uh yeah.

Good dirty fun. Just like we like it!

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