Monday, August 29, 2005

Veni, Vidi, I Thought it Sucked

I don't care if it is supposed to get better, I'm not going to burn another hour on "Rome." Must admit, I was mildly excited by the idea of the new HBO series that started last night. I mean those kids do have a good track record (with NOTABLE exception to the unwatchably cringe-worthy piece of shite that is "The Comeback," which, to my mind, should be renamed "The Comeshot to the Eye"... yet that's old news.) Rome, though, a much heralded show, was supposed to be a gorgeous rendering of historical drama and intrigue. It was supposed to combine all the best elements of the quest for power, the sexiness of politics, the bloodthirst of the aristocracy and all that jazz.

Instead my running commentary went a bit like this: "Ewww. Huh? Which one is that? But why would he...? Who's she? Wait is that the same woman, or another one? But I don't understand why...? Huh? Who? Ewww..."

It was boring. It was bloody. It was just a snooze. I couldn't wait for the commercial break. Then I remembered, crap, there aren't any commercials! Why? Because it's not TV... it's HBO.

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