Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Nice Girls Finish First...

Before you start scratching your head, wondering if you're on the right site, let me clarify: NICE GIRLS FINISH FIRST is the title of the new book written by a fellow member of the GCC, Alesia Holliday.

Holliday is a double finalist in the RITA awards for women’s fiction, and anyone who has attended the Romance Writers of America convention will know what a huge big deal this is. (I attended the RWA convention two years ago to do a piece on it for "This American Life," -- you can hear it in my "other work" section -- and man, what a genuinely cool event). Anyway, at the end of the convention, they hand out these RITA awards. To give you some context, a RITA is the romantic equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize rolled into an Academy Award statuette sprinkled with a little bit of ESPY glamour. It's big. It's important. And it's very cool validation by a group of passionate readers. So to even be nominated--not just once, but TWICE--means they think she's a writer you should know.

Unfortunately I won't be attending the conference again this year, but I'll be rooting for Alesia to sweep the RITAs and encourage all fans of romance fiction to check out her work and her website:

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