Sunday, July 17, 2005

KGB tonight

According to the Village Voice (the online version at least) we're an official "pick" of an event. Yes tonight, the former editor and writer for the New York Observer and I will be doing a reading at the much ballyhooed bar, KGB at 7 pm. For those of you thinking, "much as I love Renee and Robin--and I do, I so do--I've already seen them read before," I will tell you that not only are we reading new stuff, the chances of you meeting your soul mate at this event are tremendous!

What do I mean? Well, other serious readers of the Styles wedding page will probably know of what I speak, but for those of you who aren't similarly addicted, I point your attention to p. 12 of the NYT Sunday Styles page. Because there you will learn of the nuptials of Mariah Malone and David Calarco, a cute couple who, it is noted in the final sentence of their blurb (yes, the sentence usually reserved for the shameful admission that the groom's former marriage ended in divorce, as did the bride's previous three marriages) "met in 1998 while following Phish, the rock band, around Europe."

So you've got to say hey, if these crazy kids could find one another at a Phish concert where they were undoubtedly stoned out of their fucking gourds, I don't think it's a stretch to assume you have a chance of meeting your intended in a small bar in the East Village tonight.

Hope to see you there at 7 pm!
Pamela Holm & Robin Epstein & Renee Kaplan KGB Bar
85 E 4th
New York, NY 10003
East Village
Phone: (212) 505-3360 Readings, Events
This triple bill has essayist (San Francisco Chronicle, Denver Post, Violet Magazine) Holm
reading from her new novel, The Night Garden; This American Life contributor Epstein
presenting some of her work; and former editor and writer for the New York Observer Kaplan
sharing her latest, Shaking Her Assets... [more]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is hillarious!!! I was at that wedding!

March 14, 2006 11:09 AM  

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