Monday, May 02, 2005

Paris to Attend Book Party!

Hilton's reps have yet to "officially" RSVP to the SHAKING pub. party, but the girl is everywhere hot, and therefore I think it safe to assume that she'll be putting in appearance at the Bubble Lounge Wednesday night.

Paris is quoted in today's NYTimes saying she's now gotten the partying out of her system -- I'm guessing it all came up in the third stall bathroom of Level V -- and she now wants to focus on building her empire. I say bully for her! She's just like the heroine of our book, Rachel Chambers, who also builds a business empire though without the trust fund, the rat-dog, Tinkerbell, or the night vision camera.

But if Renee and I were really being honest--something we generally like to avoid--we'd tell you that SHAKING HER ASSETS is actually the unauthorized biography of Paris Hilton. It's not that one day prior to publication we're trying to drum up publicity, it's that her fans around the globe have a right to know. And more importantly, it's that every news organization that has been salacious enough to devote serious column space and air time to this dumb bimbo should focus its attention on the hot book Paris's peeps have already made "No Comment!" on.


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