Monday, June 20, 2005

Will Fame Change Robin & Renee? One Can Only Hope!

Over the weekend Renee and I were on WCTC-AM's fabulous radio show, "Reality Parenting." What do you and Renee know about parenting beyond the phrase, "I said "no!", you ask? Absolutely nothing. Not one thing!

However, that was part of what made the show so great because the stellar hosts, Lisa and Jana, wanted to talk with us more about the idea of women re-inventing themselves than at what age you should stop letting your children sleep in your bed (Nope, not going with the Whacko-Jacko joke -- too easy -- so whack off). Anyway, Renee and I do know from reinvention, and we nattered on about its importance and how it has changed us for the better (yeah, yeah, we know, we're still works in progress.)

But, this week we're walking the talk even more. We're going to Brooklyn! We'll be doing a reading at Book Court on Wednesday night at 7 pm. You should come! Renee says Brooklyn really isn't all that far. She doesn't say what it's not that far from, but she promises it's a lovely place to visit and this book store, Book Court, is THE place to be. So be there, mmmkay?

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