Thursday, June 16, 2005

The NYT is the New H/X!

How much gayer will the Thursday Styles section of the NYT get before it starts arriving at your doorstep bedazzled in rainbow colors? Seriously, I know men "need" to know about the various products they can purchase to anoint their bodies. I understand that it's important dudes be down with good grooming and in touch with their psychoanalyzed sensitive sides. But in today's cheeky ode to the Chelsea Boy, Locker Room Trysts Bedevil Health Clubs, did I really need to read about the "hand puppet" action taking place in the YMCA sauna?

Or does my head shaking disbelief that this article is considered "All the News that's Fit To Print," come from the fact that I'm merely jealous these men have found a way to maximize their work outs while a poor shlump like me is just dragging ass on a treadmill? Okay, in fairness, probably a little bit of both.

But two things in this article struck a chord with me in particular. 1. It was written by a woman yet she made no attempt to document what was going on in the female locker rooms, nor did she even mention the fact that women existed in this universe and 2. If I knew I could get action at the gym, I'd be going a lot more frequently.


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