Wednesday, June 22, 2005

BookCourt Hosts Our Assets!

Tonight, tonight, tonight (okay, I hope you just sang those words using the appropriate Phil Collins melody) the wonderful indie bookstore, BookCourt (163 Court St. at Dean Street), will be hosting a reading for us at 7 pm, and your presence is requested!

Maybe you're saying to yourself, "gee, I dunno, I was thinking of going to opening night of Herbie: Fully Loaded instead." Or maybe you're thinking, "Bookstores? They still have those things?" Or perhaps your passport has expired and you don't think you'll be allowed passage to Brooklyn.

Well, simply put, skip this event and you'll never forgive yourselves. NEVER. When your grandchildren ask you if you were there, you'll just have to shake your head and say no as they taunt you and make the decision to toss you into the low-cost home. "Grammy & Gramps won't care," they'll argue, "because having a good quality of life is unimportant to them." Is that what you want?

Okay, still not convinced that BOOKCOURT at 7 pm is the place you need to be tonight? Well, then in addition to the lure of seeing the hottest young writers to come down the pike since Paris & Tinkerbell, I have two more words to lure you, my tough little cookie: JUG WINE.

See you tonight. Where? BookCourt, 163 Court St. at Dean Street, 7 pm!


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