Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Remote-Control Hunting

Well, Renee, looks like the legislators in West Virginia were reading your thoughts yesterday and are now trying to enact a bill to prevent thugs like you from busting any more caps in Bambi's ass. Apparently they want to put an end to your favorite new sport, remote-control hunting.

For those unfamiliar with remote-control hunting, allow me to explain. The phenomenon started in Texas (shocking, no?) and, with the help of a little software, anyone who fancies himself a modern-day Davy Crocket can now sit behind a computer, and control a camera and shotgun at a game farm to sight and shoot prey.

But the humanitarians in West Virginia have now put these joy stick jockeys in their sights, and are aiming to shut down the computer-operated gaming facilities. The legislation's sponsor, Joe DeLong, a hunter himself, says he finds remote-control hunting, "a disgrace to the sport."

That's right, Joe. It's totally unfair to shoot a deer with a mouse. Shooting a deer with an AK-47, that's much more sportsmanlike...


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