Friday, May 14, 2010


So this is the new "new" book! Amusingly (and that word should probably be in quotes, too), I wrote and sold GOD IS IN THE PANCAKES long before Amy and I had even the glimmer of the idea for SO SUE ME, JACKASS! And in the 3 years it's taken for Pancakes to hit the shelves, we pitched, sold, wrote and came out with Jackass last September.

But it's finally time for the Pancakes, and I'm very happy to say advance reviews have been amazing (well, mostly... curse you, Kirkus!) Publisher's Weekly calls the book "powerful and poignant" and then they get even nicer:
"Unsentimental but caring intergenerational relationships and spot-on adolescent banter provide humor and hope in this stellar addition to the coming-of-age genre, which offers neither judgments nor simplistic answers."

Here's the kicker on the Booklist review: "With well-developed adults and a teen seeking help from God and anyone she perceives as wise, this memorable novel offers food for thought and sustenance for the soul." And School and Library Journal says, "Fans of Sarah Dessen and Deb Caletti will rejoice at finding Epstein."

So, yeah, pretty happy!

You can check out the book's website here: God Is In The Pancakes. I'd love it if you wanted to contribute to the Community section.

And I'd really love it if you bought the book, which you can do by clicking this link, Amazon, chatting the book up on Facebook, Twitter, and/or any other social media sources you use, and writing a review on Amazon or GoodReads. That would be fantastic.

Until we blog again...

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