Thursday, June 30, 2005

Okay, That Was Cool...

Man, did we have fun in Philly! TV appearances, adoring fans (Hi Mom!), and an excellent assortment of old friends came out to cheer us on. I knew the day was going to go well when Renee and I, operating on very little sleep, still managed not to get lost as we drove to the CN8 studio located somewhere beyond Bayshore Used Trucks in Delaware. Then, after the morning show make-up artist "gave us some color," (evidently under the TV lights I turned transparent) we had a great interview with the lovely anchor of "Your Morning on CN8," Connie Cola, who confirmed that Renee and I had both led very interesting lives and that our book was "very cute." (Okay, so maybe she hadn't read it, but she was a great interviewer, nonetheless.)

But for me, the best part of yesterday was when we got to the Barnes & Noble in Bryn Mawr and the friends and family members, neighbors and teachers that I'd grown up with came to the bookstore for the reading. My dad even sprinted home from Boston with a poorly-taped broken toe to get there. And wow, were they a great looking crowd! I'm not just saying that because I'm totally biased. They were all smiles and warm wishes and it was just amazingly cool. Even my 8th grade math teacher, Mr. Flaster, who used to call me one of his favorite slow students, came with his wife and daughter. No, I still can't solve for X, but it was incredible to see him.

I'm not saying one should only write a book so that one can do a reading in one's hometown, but I am saying it's definitely a highlight!

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