Sunday, February 20, 2005

And what we meant by "Chat With R&R"...

...was, evidently, "listen," because apparently no one else can post to this blog but us right now. And so for now, you'll simply have enjoy reading our thoughts on major world events like, "I, personally, was a little alarmed how closely yesterday's photo in the Times showing an Iraqi commando detaining a suspect resembled an outtake from 'Cops,'" (Suicide Bombers Kill at Least 35 in Baghdad Area) and "Did Christo really intend to make the Gates look like a giant car wash, or was that just a happy coincidence?" ('The Gates').

But we're hoping to fix this and make it an actual chat because we're sure you, our friends and more importantly, our fans, have excellent opinions that we'd like to hear. So as soon as we get this all figured out, we'll look forward to getting your comments and debating them in a lively fashion. Or, if we sense it's a debate we might lose, we'll just start SHOUTING AT YOU IN ALL CAPS UNTIL YOU CONCEDE. It'll be grand, we promise... stay tuned!

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