Friday, January 05, 2007

Nighty Night, People

Happy 2007, you wankers. Rather than sending commemorative plates featuring Robin and me in yoga poses, let us instead give an even greater gift. (And trust me, that really means something considering Robin's sublime downward facing dog.)

I point you in the direction of maybe the funniest thing to hit airwaves in years. And of course it hit British airwaves since America hasn't produced a funny comedy since, well, the seventies. Yes, the Brits, who have lovingly given us Ab Fab, The Office, Monty Python and a host of other gems have stepped up their game once again and delivered "Nighty Night."

Darker than even their other comedies, Nighty Night will both appall and delight. Among the many topics it sends up, it also makes fun of multiple sclerosis and cancer. And yes, it works. Completely.

Go out and find the first season on DVD. And since this is the BBC, it is likely that there will be no second season.

And you're welcome.


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