Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Joyeux 4 juillet!

Since only three people in all of the entire blogosphere are online today (hi Mrs. Epstein! Shout-out to the Shaking fans in Beijing!), and since I feel sincere gratitude and symathy for those of you who are, I'll keep it short. I'll also keep it short because I'm tryping on a French keyboard and why the frigging Q is where the A should be, and why they hide the period up above the semi-colon like it's something to be ashamed of--I don't know. But they do, and the going is a little typo-ridden. But, in brief:

I'm on vacation, and I'm in Paris. It's not yet 6pm, and I'm sitting on the terrace ofmy father's apartment typing (props to pops for getting wifi), sipping a glass of chilled Muscadet and eating really salty Greek olives. That's awesome.

Every year, France experiences a heatwave at some point during the summer. The heatwave can be brutal, since this is--how shall I say?--an AC-agnostic country. France is currently experiencing its 2006 heatwave. In other words, the lack of air conditioning on the buses and subways and in the exhibition rooms of the Dan Flavin exhibit I saw today at the National Museum of Modern Art--you know, a globally-ranked institution in a country that considers itself the cultural leader of the world but where they seemed to have failed to budget for climate control--makes it really fucking hot. That's less awesome. But I'm coping fine with this awesome mango-flavored Vittel water, and a cool panache (beer and lemonade) every 2 hours. That's what the cafes and vacation are for, people, use them.

Since just two years ago, during that summer's heatwave, thousands--literally, thousands--of elderly people died, the country's feeling a little chastened this year, and so on the news at night there're lots of stern reminders to "Hydratez!" and lots of video of old people in nursing homes sitting around tables drinking colored water. I'm just making like he Parisians do.

At night, when I go out to meet for friends for dinner about 9 or 9:30, it's still light out, and dusk doesn't come until almost 10 o'clock. So that just as you're tucking into your tartare or you carparccio starter, all the buildings turn pink, and it feels like the evening is only just beginning. That's awesome, too.

Just to conclude, things today are shaking out as being pretty awesome. In case you were still wondering. I wish you an equally awesome 4th of July, and some very merry fireworks.


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