Friday, June 02, 2006

We're Not In NBC Anymore, Toto

So there's really only one thing to discuss this week and that's the departure of Katie Couric from the Today show and the (seemingly) 14 hour love-fest they dedicated to her. Now, I'll be honest. I've never watched the Today show and I'll be damned if I was going to tune in just for that farewell farce. But, I've seen enough highlight clips that I feel more than qualified to weigh in with my two cents. A few observations:

- The sheer number of people packed into Times Square was ridiculous. Seriously, when the troops come home they'll be lucky to draw even half that crowd.

- It was probably wrong of Katie to subtly check her watch every five minutes, quietly mouthing to herself the number of minutes until she's gone.

- The whole thing had a weird Wizard of Oz quality to it. The way Katie lined up some of her more famous interviewees in a line to say farewell. It was like Dorothy going back to Kansas. "I'll miss you most of all, Central Park Jogger."

- I think it would have been a nice touch to have a mascot dressed as Katie's colon in the line-up.

- And for those of you that TIVO'd it, and I know there are plenty of you, play the last ten minutes back in slo-mo and you'll see a wild eyed Diane Sawyer crouching behind a teleprompter, Gilooly-style, with a lead pipe in her hand.


Blogger joe s said...

the best yet...can't wait for Katie's departure in 15 more years for ABC's new series "Desperate News Despots"...stay tuned

June 05, 2006 11:45 PM  

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