Monday, June 05, 2006

Star Politics

Movie stars and politics have always been such a welcome addition to our quality of life. Ronald Reagan is, of course, the outstanding example of how many good things come from mixing the two: cold war, deregulation, tax breaks for the wealthy, global ridicule of the President--all the things that make you proud to be an American.

From the time of Hanoi Jane, the media has loved nothing more than covering the strong opinions of Hollywood stars who decide to Get Involved and Have a Voice. And, generally, ridiculing them. With the exception, maybe, of Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins--who are low key and liberal and, frankly, not assholes--most other stars get the coverage that's coming to them. There wasn't a single stupid Terminator joke that Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't deserve, and Sean Penn needs to shut up and stay home before something bad happens to him in Iraq, or more likely, before he goes nutso and they arrest him on the Hill because they won't let him smoke during his congressional testimony on the State of Things in the Sunni Triangle.

But it seems that the previous experience of other actors just doesn't register. And yet another one has come out recently with a Really Strong Opinion About the War. But you'll never guess, not Warren Beatty or Babs, or even Ben Affleck. Think more B-list...give up?

Of course you do, because who would ever have guessed that...Mickey Rourke cared about the war? Turns out he does--he cares for the war, and he cares even more for our illustrious president: "George is doing a hell of a job during very difficult times, more power to him," says Mickey. "Screw all them people who don't like him." Yeah! [Pump fist, jab finger in the air.]

Spoken like a true plastic-surgery-addled, d-list, wife-beating washup. Thanks for sharing, Mickey.


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