Friday, June 09, 2006

The Hills Are Alive . . . With The Sound Of Muzak

Adding to its already abundant crop of reality series, MTV (seriously, drop the “M” already, it’s been like ten years since the channel played any music) debuted the Laguna Beach spin-off, The Hills, this week. And, as a 33-year old male living in Chelsea, I am, of course, the target demographic. So I watched.

I am a sick, sick person.

Not surprisingly, The Hills breaks no new ground. The show is mostly a mélange of Los Angeles stereotypes, bland blondes that sustain the "God, I hate LA" comments you hear everywhere but LA. But something did occur to me while watching the show’s fourth rerun in two days. There’s a scene where the show’s protagonist, LC, goes into Teen Vogue for her internship interview. During the interview, the rag’s editor, a scary Anna Wintour knock-off, skeptically asks LC if she can write. LC, of course, lies and says yes. Well, that’s good enough for the editor, so LC gets the job. (And kudos, MTV, for showing kids how the real world works. I think your viewers are now more than prepared to take the work world by storm).

That’s when I discovered the true value of the show: the weird ironic premise that LC actually interviews for the job. Teen Vogue knows what they’re getting out of this. LC could have debilitating rage issues and a severe case of Tourette’s and she’d still get the job. Frankly, I’d prefer if, at least during one take, LC plops her little Manolo’s on the editor’s desk and declares that she’ll be working half-days and needs a corner office. With a view. I mean, this editrix basically works for LC. And if LC doesn’t get what she wants, I fully expect her to go postal on everyone at Teen Vogue while shouting, “Welcome to The Hills, bitches! Now get me a latte!”

(And on an unrelated note, happy 40th to Brenda and Terry. Well done. But Linsy and I moved out years ago. You can drop the charade and go your separate ways now.)


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