Monday, April 03, 2006

Pimp It Again, Sam

A few months back, in January, my honored co-author Robin did a beautiful and touching job of promoting a little essay that I wrote for a little anthology that was to be coming out in a few months. Robin is an incredible mensch, people--you all know that--and she gave me super-fabulous heartwarming props.

Not that I can come close to reproducing that kinda love--and not that I need to--but when you've got a blog, you may as well try to spread the love. Even when it's self-love. My point is this: it's now a few months hence, and that little anthology, home to that little essay is coming out this week!

It's called Half/Life: Jew-Ish Tales from Almost, Not Quite, and In-Between. It's lots of very clever tales about being half-Jewish. It's funny, it's Jewy, it's possibly a little insufferable in parts, but, well, it's good people. Feel free to buy it and give it to all your Jewish friends who may not know that it's safe to consort with the half-breeds.

So, check it out, yo.

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