Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Celeb Baby Pandemic!

Have there always been this many celebrity babies and celeb moms and preggie starlets? Are we experiencing some kind of weird Hollywood baby boom? A baby's always been the accessory of choice on Park Avenue, but it seems like all those Apples and Barrons and Prestons and Lilas would kind of get in the way of your basic starlet duties, like drinking, dancing on tables and posing on the red carpet (you don't see Paris Hilton getting knocked up, do you?). What happened to the good old days when real stars like Nicole Kidman and Sharon Stone just adopted their kids?

Fact is, those days are gone. The movie girls (even the indie movie girls like Maggie Gyllenhal) are popping out the tots like their celebrity depends on it. So get used to it. Learn to love it. Embrace it. Or, better, just admit that you already have, that you've been devouring the news of Suri and Moses--and now a new baby for Britney!--like Entemann's donut holes.

Well, celebrity baby news addicts, here's your crack: a blog devoted exclusively to all the news and hearsay about celeb babies that's fit to blog about. It's called Celebrity Baby Blog, and when you take a quick click-through you'll disocver that there are stars procreating out there who you didn't even think were still fertile! Let alone registering for obscenely expensive baby shit (oh yes, the registry lists are hyperlinked!), and wearing seriously heinu maternity outfits (uh-huh, the picture links are there too).

The incredibly popular blog was created by Danielle, a new mom herself, and married to another well-known blogger, Josh Friedland of The Food Section.

Go ahead, just bookmark it.


Blogger Robin said...

Babies as the new purse dogs... well, if it decreases the worldwide chihuahua population, it's probably not such a bad thing.

April 27, 2006 3:54 PM  

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