Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Way Better Than Fudge

Josh Horowitz is already famous, of course, and now you can avoid any future displays of mortifying ignorance just in case you hadn't yet heard of him.

He's famous for being the all-round MVP and tireless funnyman of the Charlie Rose Show staff, in those distant misty years when we were both producers there. I'm gonna go ahead and say that he was the frosting that kept the layers together, he was the magic squirt of buttercream in the Hostess cupcake, he was the guy who made it all good for everyone. But Josh went on to become even more famous--famously helping to launch a whole series of entertainment and talk shows that the world had never seen or, frankly, ever imagined before: the Pat Sajak Weekend on the Fox News Channel, the McEnroe Show on CNBC. There too, no doubt, he was the frosting and the buttercream, the cotton candy and the fudge.

In fact, people, Josh is even better than fudge. Because after making himself indispensable to so many TV staffs everywhere, he left us all behind to deal without him...and to write a book! Which is about to come out. It's no mystery at this point that everybody loves Josh, including celebrities and film directors, who seem uncannily disposed to open up to him. Maybe it's his fudginess, but in The Mind of the Modern Moviemaker (Plume, January 2006), Josh has interviewed twenty of today's famous young film directors, and the result is poignant, insightful and incredibly readable. His tone is familiar and funny, and the interviews often read like personal conversations. It's engrossing. It comes out on January 31st, so order it now.

I don't know if Josh would agree with all of this, or any of this, but he probably would agree that it's rare and exceptional for anything to be Better Than Fudge, which is why that's the name of his hilarious website. Click here and visit Joshland--let him speak for himself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's right. He's really funny. And the site's wicked cool!

--Mosh Klorowitz (no relation to Josh)

December 06, 2005 11:45 AM  
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