Thursday, September 01, 2005

Party Like Sex Is Legal

It's a relief to me to know that somewhere in the world--and certainly not in this craven hell-hole of immorality that is New York--family values survive. Nebraska, Kansas. Swaziland.

It appears there was a little incident at the palace this week, when the King of Swaziland's daughter was busted partying with the people. She is 17 years old, and was celebrating the end of her father's ban on sex for girls under age 18. There was drinking and dancing and girld, girls, girls at the party, including the reigning Miss Swaziland. Well, the princess was busted by her father's aide--as we all were in our day--and the good man took it upon himself to, ah, beat her. Gave her a whuppin' like she deserved for evincing such dee-lec-tation for the sin. (See the brief in the NYT.)

But apparently the really offensive part of her behavior is that she was partying, not only with the people, but on the very eve of Swaziland's most important holiday: the reed dance, in which tens of thousands of bare-breasted maidens dance before the king in a stadium. The king, who, by the by, recently took a 14-year-old as his 9th wife. He did reprimand himself for violating his own law and paid a fine of one cow.

I don't doubt the princess has learned her lesson, and that in the future she'll only bare her breasts in a stadium. For her father.


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