Friday, September 16, 2005

Ohhhhhhh Renee....

I don't wanna play all holier-than-thou, and I would never dreaaaaaaaaaaaam of implying any kind of I-told-you-so, but since the A-list actress in question is also my namesake, I do feel a kind of sisterly sense of entitlement to ask...WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING, IDIOT?

It's all over between Renée "No Eyes" Zellweger and Kenny "No Hair" Chesney, after just a few months of marriage. But of course they got married after just a few months of...acquaintanceship? Sex on the beach at Kenny's house in Caribbean? Frankly, if they didn't get married sooner, it's probably because the pre-nup wasn't ready. And one almost wishes it had taken a little longer, so that Renny and Kenny could maybe think through the options. Like how about you just be my boyfriend and I'll just be your girlfriend and we can "see how it goes," test out what it's like to "have a relationship." Maybe we could just "be together."

Why is it that celebrities can't, say, not get married?


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