Thursday, August 18, 2005

Murder by Anchor

I always knew there was an arguable advantage to never having been a child star: I am neither broke, recovering, irretrievably fucked-up, on a degrading reality TV series...or indicted for murder.

The latest child-star-gone-koo-koo story is particularly, deliciously lurid. Skylar Deleon (which I'm sure is the name he was born with, and not some hackneyed Hollywood name invented by a disreputable manager in a shiny suit), who is 26, and his 24-year-old wife, have been ordered to stand trial for killing a rich yacht-owning couple. They gagged the couple, tied them to the anchor of their own yacht, and threw them overboard. Alive. Why? Cuz Skylar, who once starred in the Power Rangers TV series and whose residuals just may have been drying up, read about the yacht in a boating magazine and, well, he decided he wanted it.

He managed to meet the owners, scrounged up the help of a Crips gang member--as one does when conspiring to kill and steal yachts--posed as an interested buyer, and persuaded the owners to take them for a ride. But there are even worse b-movie details: Skylar's wife was also preggers when they took the fateful boat ride--so Newport Beach, no?, an expectant Hollywood couple shops for yacht--and after attacking the owners with a stun gun, and before tossing them to the fishies, Skylar actually got them to sign over power of attorney. Because along with their boat, he figured he's get their money. No dummy that power ranger.

It feels so 80's Dynasty-by-the-shore! I practically wanna pitch the pilot myself!

For some better plots, however, I refer you a few more GCC writers who will be blogging the book today with some great interviews in which we reveal everything about our attempt to steal the identity of Paris Hilton and the yacht of her fiance, as well as all the secrets to writing a kicky novel:
Martha O’Connor
Marianne Mancusi
Tamara Siler Jones
Julie Kenner


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