Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ever heard a' Cayboo Creek?

Well, it's in South Carolina, and lemme tell you it's like the big bad city compared to Bible Grove, which is just a little downstate. And both small down-home towns feature prominently in the latest novel on the GCC tour: A Dollar Short, the latest in the Bottom Dollar series from Karin Gillespie. See the other books in the series at

But it's not all small-town southern drama--quite the opposite. Former beauty queen Chiffon Butrell takes on Hollywood, papparazzi, and the fierce ego of a movie starlet, when her husband Lonnie wins a trip to Hollywood and meets mega movie star, Janie Lynn Lauren. She's known as Jay-Li to her elite circle and Lonnie leaves Chiffon behind in Cayboo Creek, S.C., with three kids and no money. As things go in Hollywood, Jay-Li gets nasty, appearing on national television wearing a t-shirt that says “Chiffon, Be Gone!” The book is a fun and funny read from start to finish, unfolding the improbable story of a tough lady in Cayboo Creek who's not gonna sit around and wait for a starlet to steal her man.

Chick lit uber-star Jennider Weiner found it fab: "As tart and delectable as lemon meringue pie...a pure delight." So if Jay-Li and Chiffon haven't made you laugh yet, Chiffon's sister...Chenille probably will.


Blogger Distressed Jeans said...

Yes it was a FABULOUS gem of a book and Karin is awesome!

August 06, 2005 2:59 PM  
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