Thursday, June 09, 2005

Casual Affair for 400...

"We just wanted everyone to think of it more as a backyard barbecue--except for 400 people and catered," said Emma Bloomberg, the elder daughter of our illustrious mayor, about her down-home wedding this Saturday.

Totally. Super-casu, just a picnic with, like, dignitaries--oh! and, right, the sushi's from Nobu and the, um, "barbecue" will be catered by Daniel Boulud, but it'll just be some real low-key tapas and ribs he'll throw together with leftovers. In fact you might wanna map out the closest White Castle for a pit stop on the way home. Because, honey, yellowtail and miso-marinated beef cheeks do not a real meal make.

On the way home? Yeah, cuz the "backyard" is the Mayor's 26-acre horse farm in Westchester. Emma would totally never have wanted a wedding at the Pierre, I mean, how stuffy. And, boys, it's strictly no black tie, and girls, you might wanna pass on the jeweled Christian Dior stiletto slides, because you'll be walking on grass, and while it is 26 acres of fertilized, mowed and manicured luxury, you'd better stick to flats and wedges. Cuz your heels will go sinky in the lawn. That's what Emma advises on her wedding website,

Emma and Chris are writing their own vows, and Emma totally has no idea what Chris is going to say!!!!! It's like, when he proposed, she totally screamed: "No, Chris!"
"He went completely white," she said. "But it was so unexpected for me. Then of course I said yes and pretty much sat on the floor for half an hour in shock, which I don't think made him feel any more comfortable."
But she really wants everyone to be real comfortable at the wedding, so even though her gown is by Zac Posen--Vera's so done, you know?--don't go all dressing up and stuff.

And when it comes to the booze, feel free to bring your own Bud Light. You might wanna decant it though, in, say, a Big Mama thermal jug from Moss. It's $450, and when you empty it you can just leave it for the happy couple as their gift--it's from their registry.


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