Thursday, May 19, 2005

SWF Seeks Lucrative 2nd Book Deal

I would really like a lucrative second book deal, of course, but not so much for myself as for my erstwhile colleagues. To prove them right, to make them feel that there really is some truth, justice, and highly-paid authors in this world--and that I'm one of them.

See, our show hit a bit of a rough patch yesterday, and as people wandered about at the late afternoon cocktail-slash-wake--whiskey, plump shrimp, little pastry-wrapped wieners--there was much cheery exhortation of the idea that, well, at least Renée can write another book! Which vaguely translates as: Who needs this job, Neenee, when you can write a high six-figure--hell, a seven-figure--follow-up to your flashy smash-hit novel! Right!?! They looked excited for me. I grinned broadly at them, showed teeth, went to refill my Pinot Grigio.

A more reliable source of enthusiasm, at least in the short term, is this newly-released book from a fellow GCC author... Marianne Mancusi's A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court. Just out from Dorchester, the story is chick lit meets the round table, via time travel and, of course, some killer shoes. "If Mr. Blahnik could see me now, he’d be royally ticked off. Not that I’d blame the guy," read the first two lines--and it only gets more fun! Check out Marianne's website at, where you'll also find out about the seven other books she has on the way.

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