Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm Too Sexy for My Book Tour

The crowd in the bookstore was gathering quickly, not necessarily for our reading--possibly there to buy other books--but we doubted it. As soon as we walked into the sleek Borders of the chic Time Warner Center, we felt a palapable buzz, and we suspected it was for us. They--a 22-year-old aspiring stand-up named Jamie, who grilled Robin for industry advice--guided us back to the "green room." First we went through the stock room, squeezed between a dolly and a short guy registering bar codes, and then plopped down in ratty office chairs to wait for the call of the crowd. At 7:05pm, five minutes after scheduled start time, the Borders rep suggested the crowd was a little sparse and did we wanna wait a few more minutes? Her sarcasm was so deadpan, we almost took her seriously: Oh, but she was funny! But of course we waited, because a diva always plies her fans tremble with yearning.

At 7:15, we couldn't wait anymore, and when we walked out into the reading area, hidden between the children's books and psychology, we knew that if we'd waited a minute more to come out, the old lady in the back row with the kerchief and bifocals would have fallen asleep or, perhaps, picked a fight with the pasty man slouching two seats over and staring off into space.

There were a few empty seats in the audience, but there were a few filled seats, too. So that was good. And when the pasty man asked a stupid question, I only reacted very badly--not very very badly. But, actually, it was a blast, thanks to the familiar faces in the audience, Robin's enthusiasm, and the very very excellent questions at the end...So thank you all who came!


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