Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Champers and Canapes

Rivers of bubbly, platters of yummy hoo-has, vodka gimlets til you can't see straight--and that's all before the guests start buying and we start signing books: it's the book party tonight! The point is to celebrate until we can't tell our signatures apart. Or until my mom realizes that, yes, I do enjoy the occasional cocktail. More Taittinger, ma?

Some Ronson will probably be spinning, Tara Reid just might pop by--or out, as the case may be--and there'll be guaranteed appearances by Robin Epstein and Renée Kaplan, authors of--have you heard yet?--an extremely highly Amazon-ranked and surely-soon-to-highly-acclaimed novel called SHAKING HER ASSETS. I've read it, lovies, and it's kicky. Not to mention funny, smart and hugely entertaining, as well as true to life--a smart and clever read. Not to mention a fierce good time. So hurry up and RSVP, come, don't behave, otherwise you might make it to Page Six, but ya won't make into this blog.


Anonymous Linda said...

So sorry to have missed the party, but I expect to see a post here detailing the fabulous evening shortly.

May 05, 2005 7:37 PM  

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