Friday, April 22, 2005

A Really Bad Hair Day

Now we've all had bad haircuts.
Something just doesn't go right, and you walk out of the salon feeling anxious and weepy and angry, knowing some tragic lack of communication with your stylist just cost you $100, and that no matter how hard you pull on your waaaaay-above-the-brow bangs, you're still gonna look like you have a bad rockabilly haircut. And that you're gonna look that way for weeks. That's when you start to cry, maybe dropping to the floor and cradling your knees, fetal-style. Then you take a shower--still crying, snivelling and snotting--and wash your hair, hoping that maybe it actually kind of isn't quite so very short as you thought. You'll scream with rage as you blow-dry it and confirm that it sure is.

But that was all before Julie Anderson of Richland, Washington, recently showed us a new way to vent your bad-hair rage: Demand your money back! At gunpoint!

As the AP reports this morning: -- A woman apparently dissatisfied with a haircut robbed a hair salon at gunpoint, shot at her stylist's car, then used part of the money to pay for a trim at another shop, police said. She was arrested about 45 minutes later as she left another hair salon nearby.

Frankly, it seems like the most productive way to react, instead of wallowing in futile self-pity and pulling at your hair. In fact, I think this serves as an empowering model for how to react in any situation where you feel victimized and powerless: Get the bitch who fucked up and shoot.


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