Monday, March 28, 2005

Here's to Thuggery

I know that I'm arriving very late to the national passion and preoccupation that is The Sopranos, but I'm binging on the DVD's now and--speaking of love--I'm digging it. The Sopranos is about a million things--the mob, therapy, the afflictions of family life, suburban ennui, one man and his penis, one man and his mother--but it's also a lot about power. The power of thuggery, the inexorable status of brute strength. Everything is acquired by shake-down, and pretty much everything can be shaken-down. I'm suddenly getting the appeal of mob stories, because they're stories about everyday people in everyday neighborhoods--but who run their worlds like Roman emperors, who are living out the ultimate fantasies of power. Grrrrrr.

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