Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Seven-Figure Story

Renée here: The good news for Diane Sawyer today is that she won the Tsunami Lottery. With so many stories of wrenching devastation and pervasive loss and hopelessness, how DO you choose which to tell? Well, you wave some money and a book deal at the prettiest one of them all until she says yes: former Sports Illustrated cover model Petra Nemcova--you know, blond, crazy boobs, insane cheekbones--was caught in the tsunami and lost her fiance, and she's finally agreed to sit down with our Lady Di of Journalism. I don't discount for a minute the intensity Nemcova's personal tragedy, and if a 7-figure book deal's gonna make her feel better, she's fortunate to have found some good, lucrative solace. And I'm much happier that Di is talking to Petra rather than any of the other 499,000 tsunami victims, because...well...because she's hot?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Renee still here, and I heartily agree with myself, but mostly I'm just testing our newly expanded blog capacity--to actually take comments. We hereby continue to heartily agree with ourselves, but encourage you to do anything but.

February 25, 2005 5:28 PM  

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